Buy hip hop beats HERE!!


If you like the instrumentals you hear on this site, but are uncomfortable rapping over them with the tag,

then you will have to purchase an untagged lease here

with the free free rap instrumentals offered on the front page, you are welcome to download and use any beat you’d like. But, if you are promoting your track and intend to make money off of it, then you must purchase an untagged lease here

If you have any questions, please contact my email –

buy hip hop beats here

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15 comments on “Buy hip hop beats HERE!!

    • lol no lie…..I swear man its annoying especially when you stare at the screen until your eyes bleed and you spend alot of time on the beat but some no named rapper on twitter wants a free cut lol… not selling right now but i will one day….maybe if i estasblish myself as more of a big name those sort of people will know their place

  1. I know that one gif where he looks at that cat in the driver seat! Anyway, it seems I’ve run into this page before… Are these rap beats also available for commercial uses if one decides to get them? i.e If I was going to create a video that worked well with a rap beat for a product I wanted to sell?

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